Talkin' MMA with Vernon "Tiger" White
By: Scoop Malinowski

The MMA veteran weighs in on his next opponent Minotauro Noguiera at the July Affliction Banned Show, the birth of his son just hours before his latest victory on Saturday ( 5/31) and more... What has been the greatest moment of your career?

Vernon White: "When I had my son. My wife and I just had a baby. Then I won my fight against Anthony 'Hitman' Brown at the Cox Pavilion in Las Vegas." That's a very busy day. Did you cut it close?

Vernon White: "Yeah, the baby was born at 3:26 in the afternoon and I had to be at the arena at 4. I barely made the call time, went out and got the decision."

MMAMemories: What is your son's name? And talk about the drastic emotional change you had to go through.

Vernon White: "Isiah Jacob. At first it was emotional. I almost shed a tear when I saw him come out. But I rose to the occasion."

MMAMemories: What is the most painful moment of your career?

Vernon White: "When I lost the King of the Cage title to Jeremy Horn. From him doing the lay and pray [smiles]."

MMAMemories: Of all your fights, in which one did you feel at your very best? Your finest, sharpest performance?

Vernon White: "My very best - Todd Medina, King of the Cage in 2000. Nine-second knockout. First round."

MMAMemories: You still want the Chuck Liddell rematch don't you?

Vernon White: "I would like to fight Chuck again, just not in the UFC. They offered me $4,000 and $4,000 for the first fight. Chuck got 50 and 50. Ken (Shamrock) asked me to do it as a favor. He knew that I could beat Chuck. And I knew I could beat Chuck. Then I got eye-gouged. It cost $38,000 to fix my eye. The UFC paid the $38,000 to fix it and my hand. Then they asked me to fight him again, for $4,000 and $4,000. I said no. Then they got Babalu to fight him. When I asked the UFC to comeback they said, You have to win some more fights."

MMAMemories: What are your initial feelings to getting the opportunity to fight Minotauro on the big Afflcition Banned show?

Vernon White: "I think it will be a good match. He likes to stand up, I like to stand up. We both are slick on the ground. He's better with Jiu-Jitsu but I'm better with my hands and feet. So I think it's going to be a very interesting match up."

MMAMemories: Which areas in his game do you plan to exploit?

Vernon White: "I want to see what his stamina is all about. I want to test him. I'd like to test that chin too, because he got knocked out by Sokoudjou."

MMAMemories: And what do you think about Kimbomania? Are you on the bandwagon?

Vernon White: "I'm not on anybody's bandwagon. But I'm a fan. It's one fighter looking at another fighter, and not having any harsh feelings. I think he's gonna have a bright future, as long as he gets his stamina up there. He's already got a bigger name than I do [laughs]."

MMAMemories: And last, who is the toughest man you faced?

Vernon White: "Vladimir Matyushenko. He had very hard hands, like Barney Rubble, his hands are like two rock crushers. In our first fight he beat me up for seven minutes. In the second fight we went at it for 25 minutes

Height: 6'0 (183cm)
Weight: 205lbs (93kg)
Style: Submission Fighting
Birth Date: 12/03/1971
Home Town: Sparks, Nevada
Team: Ken Shamrock's Lion's Den

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